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It is critical to integrate the style and character of the new addition with the original residence. Ideally, additions should look as if they were a part of the original construction of the home. The roof lines and eave details need to maintain the same character for continuity.  Exterior finish materials and colors should blend seamlessly to blur the edge of new and existing.

The interior may take on a completely different feel than the original floor plan or act as an extension for the original concept based on the projects intent and the owner’s budget.  It is critical to completely analyze the details that determine the style of the original house.  This provides the basis for the new design and the character of the architecture.

At Jason Warfield Residential Design, we help you understand the many steps in building, such as:

  • * Home Addition Cost
  • * Plans
  • * Estimate
  • * Types
  • * Design


Remodels are a great way to add new life and style to any home.  The entire house has to be taken into consideration prior to working on any one portion of it.

Changing the interior layout can re-define how spaces are used individually and also how they relate to other parts of the home.  Refreshing kitchens with new cabinets, countertops, appliances and flooring change the character and can increase usefulness.  The same applies to bathrooms with new tubs, showers, cabinets and fixtures.

Any room can benefit from an update in color or the addition wall textures. Carefully blending remodeled areas with the remainder of the house prevents discontinuity and a look of incomplete design ideas.  All of this is important for any interior remodel.

Here are 3 recent examples of additions we created for people in adding to their homes.

Patio Cover Addition by Jason Warfield Residential Design

Patio Cover Addition

Deck And Room Addition by Jason Warfield Residential Design

Deck And Room Addition

New Patio Cover by Jason Warfield Residential Design

New Patio Cover

When it comes to a living room addition, kitchen remodel, bathroom upgrade, or a even a full remodeling of your home, you want to choose the best Residential Designer for the job. Jason Warfield Residential Design team has the skills, experience and know-how to not only makes your new additions or remodels look as though they were done when the home was built, but also do it with stylish and functional design.

At Jason Warfield Residential Design we are great at adding a patio or a new room to Reno area homes so you can enjoy our beautiful seasons and weather!

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